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Common Garage Door Problems and How to Repair Them

Common Garage Door Problems and How to Repair Them

The automatic garage door is a heavenly blessing when you are in rush and need the quickest possible way to skid to the drive path and just run away. However, with the passage of time, old garage doors tend to malfunction.

But before ringing your local garage door repair expert to ask home about garage door repair services, check to determine if you can handle these problems on your own. Following mentioned are the common garage door problems homeowners might encounter:

Nosier garage door: A nosier garage door is indeed a serious problem especially for those who have a living room right above the garage. There may a chance that there is accumulated dust and grease on the tracks and rollers.

Most often than a simple cleaning using a soft car bush and mild washing liquid will do the trick. In addition to this, try to tighten the screws, bolts, and nuts which are attached to the wall. A misaligned track with loose screws not only causes irritation in the ear but could potentially generate a bigger problem that might need a costly repair. In the case of serious damages, it might also mean that you should replace the hinges, rollers, or tracks. With the passage of time, the holes in the hinges tend to become damaged, misshaped, or bigger than they should be. To handle these situations, consult a professional New Braunfels garage door repair service.

Frozen garage door: During winter, it can be convenient to open and close the garage door by just pushing the button of the remote. But at the same time, the cold weather tends to make the matter critical. A garage door may get a freeze to the floor of the garage. In some milder situations, the icy connection may break automatically, once you push the button of the garage door. But in other situations, the garage door simply won’t move a bit. Pressing the button a little harder and more times won’t work. What is likely to happen is that you will face the trouble of broken hinges and burnt motor. Remember, during the harsh weather, your local garage door repair company will charge you extra for the services. If this happened, it needs few minutes to break the icy connection. You may use a hand dryer, hot gun, and any other heating equipment to melt the icy layer. You may also use a shovel to chip the ice away manually.

Not responding garage door sensors: The correct placement of garage door sensors play an important role in making your garage door functional. But with the continuous number of operations of your garage door, chances are there that the sensors tend to be misplaced, misaligned, or disturbed. Inspect them thoroughly to determine if the sensors are still in their right position or have been moved little bit. You can easily adjust the position of the sensors and move them to where they should be. It is the easiest task among others in a garage door repair project. Well, sensors and other safety devices connected to the garage door are worked by electricity. Therefore it is always wise to hire professional garage door experts to avoid accidents and surprises while fixing a garage door.  Don’t forget that electrocution is a serious life threat.   

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