Dallas Help for Harvey


Hurricane Harvey is known as one of the tropical cyclones with the costliest damages to America. In fact, it is tied with the infamous Hurricane Katrina in terms of the cost of damages. Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 major hurricane which was formed on August 17, 2017, and was officially announced as dissipated on September 2, 2017. It brought with it winds of up to 130 mph. As of this writing, the reported effects of Hurricane Harvey were 107 casualties and damages were estimated to be at $125 billion.

Typhoon Harvey devastated different parts of America and surrounding areas. Texas was one of the hardest hit by this calamity. There was nonstop rain for almost two weeks. Some people thought it was the end of the world.  And you would think that it really was the end – with the death and destruction that it left behind.  But after the worst storm comes stories of survival and hope.  And all it takes is to offer a helping hand to a community that has lost so much.


A hurricane in itself is not a disaster. It is just a natural phenomenon. It is the impact that makes a disaster. Life changing effects turn a hurricane into a disaster.

A disaster can be natural or caused by nature such as typhoon, flooding, earthquake,orvolcanic eruption.What happened in Texas during Hurricane Harvey is a natural disaster. Disasters can also be man-made or caused by man such as a huge fire affecting a big part of a community. Whether caused by nature or man, a disaster change lives such that people find it hard to go back to their normal daily activities.



A disaster is always a call for action. First, it is a call for everyday heroes to step up and help thosewho are in need. During a disaster, do not wait for authorities to rescue thoseasking for help. If you can do something about it, then take action.

Volunteerism during times of disaster is a big help. It takes a lot of helping hands to rebuild a community that has suffered so much devastation.

A disaster is a call for donors to share whatever they can. Each clothing, each food thatyou give will cloth a person who is feeling cold and feed a hungry stomach. They can bring relief to an already tired body and soul.

A disaster is a call for reform in our disaster risk reduction and management. Government officials and community members must realize the importance of being prepared for a disaster and to mitigate risks that could result in a possible disaster.

It is a tall order indeed amidst the devastation that the people of Texas suffered but with the help of other people, Texas can rise can again and as they rise, they will rise stronger and wiser and this time with much grateful hearts and a resilient spirit.

We encourage you to go out of your garage doors in Dallas and help those who were severely affected by Hurrican Harvey.

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