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Do You Need an Annual Garage Door Service

Do You Need an Annual Garage Door Service

If you are a busy homeowner then maintaining a garage door to keep the garage door in its good working condition is a difficult task. Among many home improvement projects around your house, it is easy to adopt “no need of maintenance and “don’t have time to fix it” philosophy.

The garage door is designed to give you years of hassle-free or trouble-free services unless it has problems with structure and operating system. Well, ignoring the maintenance of the garage door until it stops functioning is a big mistake. Some security problems can happen if your garage door is imbalanced because it is an indication that your garage door is hiding problems with springs and drive mechanisms. If the garage door is not inspected periodically to find out its troubles, these problems can get overlooked and lead to serious accidents. Visit here http://progaragedooratlantaga.com for more recommendations about garage doors.

To make sure that your garage door is always working smoothly, the best approach is to get professional garage door maintenance services on your doorstep. They will visually inspect your garage door and test its functionality. Their inspection tasks include a safety reversing system, quick release mechanism, electric safety edges, and many more. Check the balance of the garage door and tension of springs. Inspect and clean the rollers, pulleys, bearing, and springs. They also check the weather stripping on the frame and bottom of the garage door and tightened all the screws and bolts.

Why go for professional services:

Even though you are experienced in conducting a visual inspection, safety tests, and periodic lubrication, but you cannot safely analyze and fix garage door panels, springs, and cables. The garage door has hundreds of pounds which is supported by torsion springs. If they fail to work or snap eventually, the garage door may fall on anything around it. It is true that the latest versions of garage doors are much safer than they were in the past but emergency rooms treated thousands of injuries cases of people who are suffered fractures or lost hands due to failed attempts to fix them on their own. Professional garage door technicians have the right training and knowledge to handle all the complexity of work.  

Discounted services increase the saving:  

As a regular subscriber, you will have to pay for the replacement part such as, cables, springs, and panels because the labor cost is included in the contract. Many garage door companies even offer special discounts on certain parts of the garage doors. Even though if you need cosmetic fixes as a result of water damages, a strong hit by a car or football, the expert will provide you quick and reliable services to save both your time and money. 

Having a garage door maintenance services contract means that you have 24-hours emergency services at your fingertips. In case, your garage door become malfunctioning and left you stuck inside or outside, they will send quick help regardless of the time.

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