Dallas Help for Harvey


Survivors of Hurricane Harvey were left with no homes. Harvey is indeed the costliest disaster to hit America in almost a century. The whole world knows the devastation and damages brought about by Hurricane Harvey. Its effects in the affected areas were severe.  More than a hundred lives were lost, more were injured, and still, others are missing up to this time.  Infrastructure, houses,and properties were destroyed. It took away homes and properties in an instant. Needless to say, grief and pain weighed down the people and communities.

The state of Texas was one of the most badly hit areas of Hurricane Harvey. Residents recalled how in just a flick of a finger, their cities and towns were ravaged by the hurricane.  They would forever remember that fateful early morning on August 23, 2017,when their community was devastated and torn apart.  Houses, school buildings, businesses, and churcheswere flat on the ground.  The plants and fields were washed away, trees were uprooted, some houses were lifted off, power lines were misaligned and broken.

As a way of reaching out to the survivors, Habitat for Humanity has set up a campaign for a re-roofing and complete housing projectto respond to the immediate needs of the people. Based on the needs assessment, there were houses that were totally destroyed and partially destroyed.  For those houses that were partially destroyed, the families were given assistance to repair their homes while the Habitat for HumanityTeam met with those families whose houses were totally destroyed to consult with them and plan regarding the construction of their new houses.

Habitat for Humanity’s continuous presence in these communities ensures the proper monitoring of the housing project.  The Team will facilitate the construction of houses. Other welfare assistance programs are also in place to promote holistic formation and development.

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