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Understanding the Basics of Garage Door Installation

Understanding the Basics of Garage Door Installation

Do you want to install a garage door? It is always wise to consult a professional garage door expert in this regard. Many homeowners hire professional garage door companies to take garage door installation services. There is plenty of good and reliable garage door installers including the best New Haven garage door installation are offering efficient services.

There are two types of operating systems used in a garage door. One is a garage door torsion spring and the other is an extension spring system used in a garage door. A standard torsion spring system consists of metal springs, a drum system, and cables that are mounted under tremendous pressure. The extension spring system does not install with drums. Furthermore, this spring system does not have a manually wound spring. The latest models of garage doors come with an installation manual provided by the manufacturer. It is strongly recommended that you carefully read these manuals before installing any garage door. Let’s have a look at how new garage door installation process:

  • Each garage door comes in multiple sections and hardware. It is always suggested that assemble these parts before installing a garage door. Working with a sawhorse can be beneficial. Assembling the first section of a garage door is really time-consuming process but it is a basic process of the entire installation project.
  • After completing the first step, the current garage door is removed (if you have an old garage door). First of all, you need to check the type of springs used in the old garage door to make sure that installation process will go smoothly. This process actually helps you in pulling out the old springs and removing the existing garage door.
  • The most essential step of garage door installation process is balancing the first section of the garage door along with the frame because the remaining sections placed on the top of the first part. Be careful here, if this structure is off even by inch, then the whole placement might be set in a crooked way.
  • After setting the first section of the garage door on the frame, remaining process does not take much time to be set in a perfect manner. Then install the rollers, springs, and openers respectively. Don’t forget to follow the garage door installation instructions mentioned in a manual. Different types of garage doors need different requirements to be followed for installation. It is always wise hire a professional garage door installer for this.
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